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Useful properties of almond oil

You know the substance that has such healing properties: moisturize dry skin, with its help grow thick long hair and strong nails, helps get rid of dark circles around the eyes and even prevent stretch marks! You won’t believe it, or maybe you’ve already guessed it or knew it – it’s almond oil.

The 100% pure sweet almond oil contains essential beauty vitamins like A, D and E, making it ideal not only as a hair and skin care product, but also for treating skin conditions. Almond oil has no greasy effect and therefore does not clog skin pores and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Almond oil applications

A professional naturopath Nicole Shusterman will tell you how to use this gift of nature:

Facial hydration

Almond oil can be used for rough, flaky and dry skin as a daily moisturizer. After a thorough cleansing, apply one or two drops of almond oil to each side of your skin. Dampen your clean hands with warm water and rub the oil onto your face with a massage, including the areas around your eyes, patting lightly. Allow the oil to dry. Once your face is dry, you can apply makeup, or leave your skin with nothing under a layer of almond oil protection. Applying this treatment daily will give you much softer, smoother skin.

Magic Eye Cream

Almond oil is an excellent eye cream. Since almond oil has rejuvenating properties, it prevents and moisturizes wrinkles , as well as takes away dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Apply one or two drops of almond oil and rub around your eyes. This is ideal before bedtime. Eliminate the use of expensive eye creams at night and use almond oil it is much more effective and most importantly beneficial.

Hair Serum

The vitamins contained in almond oil promote hair growth, hair becomes thicker and more shiny. Scalp massage with almond oil relieves dry and itchy scalp and slows hair loss. Use an amount of oil about a teaspoon and rub it into your hair, massaging your scalp in a circular motion for a few minutes. Wrap a plastic wrap around your scalp and wrap a towel on top. Allow the oil to soak in for a few hours (ideally leave it in for up to 8 hours). Next, shampoo and rinse your hair. Apply once or twice a week.

Stretch Marks Therapy.

The soothing qualities of almond oil will strengthen and nourish the skin, creating a natural resistance to damage. Massage with almond oil, promotes blood circulation and prevents stretch marks. Pour a small amount of oil on your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Apply the oil to the desired part of the body. Use your hands or a massage brush for the massage and rub in light circular motions for several minutes. This is ideal after taking a bath. For best results, apply twice a day.

Limitations on the use of almond oil.

Side Effects

Because of the many amazing health benefits of almond oil, can be used daily. However, you need to consider some side effects before you start using it. Almond oil can cause allergic reactions. Before using almond oil, apply a small amount, either on your wrist or ankle, and see if it causes allergies.

Storing Almond Oil

Unlike commercial skincare products, almond oil can go bad since it is a natural product. So keep it in the refrigerator or a dark and cool place.
As you can see, almond oil is an amazing natural product. Start using it for your facial or hair care and you will see positive results when you use it regularly.