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Asteri Healing Arts

“Asteri” derived from the Ancient Greek “Astēr (ἀστήρ) meaning “star, aster”. 🌟

Asteraceae, commonly known as the sunflower or daisy family, is one of the largest flowering plant families in the world. This family contains some of the most helpful and well-known herbal medicines! A few favorites are Dandelion, Chamomile, Calendula, Yarrow, Burdock, and Milk Thistle 🌻

Healing Arts: “a system/framework of techniques that is applied in a creative intuitive way so as to bring about a new level of awareness; new connections; new understandings and perspectives; growth and transformation; and a greater sense of wellbeing & health for the participant.”

Flower of Life: A sacred geometrical symbol with historical significance in almost every major culture worldwide. It can be seen, for example, in temples within the Forbidden City of China , in ancient synagogues in Israel , in the Buddhist temples of India and Japan, carved into rock in Assyria, in Italian art from the 13th century, and in Cordoba, in ‘la Mezquita’ in Spain, and more! Leonardo de Vinci is also known to have studied it’s mathematical significance. This symbol is believed to represent the intelligent design that underlies all creation and interconnectedness of life.

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Natural health center Astery Healing Arts

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