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Homeopathy and Biotherapeutic Drainage

Homeopathy is a system of medicine used worldwide that was originally created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann between 1790 and 1843 and has since evolved to be used clinically in modern day. Homeopathic remedies are made from serial diluted substances and processed in a specific manner in that only the energetic essence of the original material remains. This may seem impossible to have a physiological effect on the body as our modern medical model is based on pharmaceuticals that often overpower natural processes. However, it is precisely the energetic imprint of homeopathic remedies that can communicate even more directly with our bodies that primarily operate on energy and electrical signaling. Because of these distinct differences, homeopathy is able to enact changes in your body that have been resistant to conventional treatments. 

Our bodies are responsible for processing infinite sources of input from our environment, diet, and lifestyle stressors. The best way to support ourselves to function optimally is by helping our emunctory organs (liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs, skin, and menses) to efficiently eliminate the waste products from constantly metabolizing! This is often the missing link in treating the root cause of inflammation that essentially drives all chronic disease processes. I use biotherapeutic drainage (a system of combination homeopathy) and single homeopathic remedies to open up the emunctories, decreases cellular toxicity, and restore homeostasis. 

These are powerful modalities aimed at re-establishing a balanced well-being.  I match your story and specific presentation to the remedies that act to stimulating the vital force and create the dynamic movement that leads to a healing response. 

I thank and credit my mentors Dr. Amy Bader, ND, Dr. Renee Hubka, ND, LAc, Dr. Dick Thom DDS, ND, Dr. Lysanji Edson, ND, and CEDH for continuing to spread the knowledge of this beautiful and powerful system of medicine.

Homeopathy Another Way

“Homeopathy Another Way” looks at the principles of homeopathy, its close links with nature and its unexpected possibilities for all living things. Dr. William Suerinck, through his interviews with patients, doctors, veterinarians and farmers, explores homeopathy in a spirit that invites reflection on what it means to be sick and to be healed, understanding through a global and individualized approach, and this unique relationship enjoyed with nature. Filmed in French with English subtitles.




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