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How does water help to lose weight and how to drink it correctly?

How much water should I drink per day? Is two liters an obligatory norm or another myth? And what does it include – pure water or liquid food too? Should I force myself to drink water if I don’t want to? And how to properly drink water to lose weight? The answers to these questions are in our article. But first, about the importance of water for our body.

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Water is the most abundant substance in our body. If a person drinks little water, his body starts taking water from fat cells to ensure its vital functions. By the way, this is how camels survive in the desert. When there is a shortage of liquid, their body takes water from their humps – where the desert ships have concentrated fat reserves.

So maybe drink less water so that the body takes it from the fat cells, and thus lose weight?

Unfortunately, or not, the body can not take water from the “deposits” all the time. Already after 2-3 days, due to a low blood volume, the blood pressure drops, due to a lack of intestinal juices and saliva, the digestion process stops. The function of sweating dies down, which inevitably raises the body temperature. The consequences are catastrophic. A natural doctor can help you choose natural aids individually.

After losing only 3% of the total amount of water in the body, a person can no longer run. A loss of 5% makes it impossible to exercise. A 10 percent fluid deficit is life-threatening, while a 20 percent water loss is fatal.

Scientists from the U.S. conducted a study and found that those who drink at least 6 glasses of water a day have a 41% lower risk of heart attack than people who limited themselves to only 2 glasses. So experimenting with water restriction for weight loss is not advised for anyone.

How does water help you lose weight?

Almost all vital processes take place in the body with the participation of water, including those that help to lose excess weight.

  • Water is a catalyst of metabolism. Sufficient water in the body increases the activity of enzymes – catalysts of over 4000 vital reactions. It is believed that drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day increases the metabolism by 25-30%.
  • Fluid removes toxic decay products, which is very important for the body when losing weight.
  • Without water, carbohydrate, heat and fat metabolism, processes that directly affect weight loss and physical fitness, cannot occur.
  • Water molecules take an active part in breaking down fats, thanks to which excess fat cells are reduced.
  • Sufficient water content in blood ensures rapid delivery of nutrients to organs and tissues. If there is a lack of water, the blood thickens and cell nutrition deteriorates.

How water reduces caloric intake

Sometimes we feel like eating without realizing that we actually want to drink water. This subjective feeling of hunger arises because the centers that control fluid intake and eating behavior are located in the hypothalamus. That is, in the same area of the brain. So sometimes just drinking a glass of water is enough, instead of eating a sandwich and a cup of coffee and adding extra calories to the daily caloric intake.

But even then, when hunger really torments, nutritionists recommend 20-30 minutes before a meal to drink water. At first glance this advice is dubious. If you want to eat, you won’t be satiated with water. But it is only at first glance.

When the stomach is empty, the receptors signal it is time to eat. Water entering the stomach stretches its walls and tricked receptors send a satiety signal to the brain. This tames the appetite, and when it is time for dinner, the person eats a smaller portion than usual.

The study by Indian scientists involved overweight women. During 8 weeks, each of 50 participants added 0.5 liters of water to their normal drinking regime, and drank them half an hour before meals. As a result, all the women had less appetite, weight and body mass index decreased. A year later, scientists conducted the same experiment and obtained similar results.

How to drink water to lose weight


Our bodies continue to work and lose water even when we sleep. To replenish it, drink a glass of room temperature water in small sips immediately after waking up.

Water activates normal metabolism, intestinal peristalsis, and makes breakfast easier to digest.

Replace your morning coffee with green or herbal tea. After a cool water, a warm drink is akin to a contrast shower, giving a feeling of vigor and energy. If you can’t give up coffee, brew a drink made from natural beans, but not instant variant.

The day

lemon and mint water

It is advisable to always have a container of drinking water with you – both at work, at home and in transport. You can add mint or lemon to the water.

Do not drink water in one gulp, but in small portions. Drink as much as you want, but do not force yourself.

Have a glass of water half an hour before dinner. It is better not to drink food, but if you have already formed the habit, try to reduce the amount of water. An hour after dinner also drink a glass of water.


In the evening gradually reduce the amount of water. But look at the circumstances. Drink if you don’t have to go to the bathroom at night. Otherwise, prefer a good night’s sleep, and drink water 2-3 hours before going to bed.