Unlike conventional doctors, holistic specialists create treatment plans according to the patient’s needs, considering the lifestyle, food preferences, environment, and the whole medical history.

Disclaimer: The state of Texas does not recognize licensed naturopathic doctors as physicians. Therefore, the term naturopathic gynecology is not a recognized specialty and does not replace the care of a traditional OBGYN.

When to see a natural gynecologist?

You should start searching naturopathic dr near you if you have:

Naturopathic doctors also help adolescents and women over forty to understand body’s changes and how to best support your body though them.

A holistic gynecologist also creates an open environment to explore various options of contraception.

Although naturopathic doctors in Texas cannot perform physical examinations, it is important to stay up to date on your well women’s exam with pap smears for cervical cancer screening, sexually transmitted infection (STI) and vaginal infections testing with a primary care physician or OBGYN.

An area where naturopathic doctors can provide in-depth analysis is in functional hormonal testing including adrenal and sex hormones. This can give us a detailed assessment of your hormonal production and detoxification. Micronutrient status and toxin load are important areas to investigate as well. Getting an understanding of your hormones and your symptoms can connect you to natural therapies to support a healthier state of well-being.

What to expect from natural gynecologist?

Dr. Nicole Shusterman, as the founder of Asteri Healing Arts, highlights the importance of dietary and lifestyle naturopathic counseling as well as customized herbal and homeopathic recommendations to achieve a state of improved balance. In the initial naturopathic appointment, we dive into your current and past health history to identify areas needing improvement, as well as, impressions as to the causes of your symptoms. We put together an initial plan to address your concerns and explore testing options for in-depth assessment.

If you have further questions, schedule an appointment for a free 15 minute discovery call and see how naturopathic medicine at Asteri Healing Arts can benefit you in your health journey.