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Treat migraine naturally

Today about 1 billion people suffer from migraines which can be treated with both special drugs and natural remedies. Not all painkillers today are sufficiently effective and safe. Let’s focus on holistic migraine treatment.

Our main goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. Common root causes of migraine headaches may include stress, inflammation, food sensitivities and poor gut health, and micronutrient deficiencies.

Diet and Nutritional Supplements

One of the common reasons for migraines and headaches is magnesium deficiency.  Research has shown several promising treatments for migraines such as magnesium, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and coenzyme Q.  A balanced diet is one of the keys to a life without migraines. Ensuring you are nourishing your body with essential vitamins is of upmost importance. Under stressful conditions, getting out of balance with our diet is likely, so we work together in strategizing how to maintain proper nourishment practices especially with stressful periods. Using micronutrient testing can also be helpful in identifying deficiencies. If diet alone cannot replenish the nutrients, specific nutritional supplements can assist as well.

Herbal Treatment

Herbal medicine can also be a great support for supporting underlying causes of migraine headaches. Popular options are curcumin, feverfew, butterbur, peppermint, or lavender oil. These can be used to prevent and treat for migraines. Identifying your personal triggers of headaches can make a difference in which herbs will be most effective for you.

Each herbal combination, prepared by Dr. Nicole Shusterman, ND of the Asteri Healing Arts, is unique and created specifically for the client.  

Lifestyle Practices

Migraine natural remedies can also include regular yoga sessions and relaxation techniques. Cultivating a stress management practice in your life can be life-changing when it comes to working on migraines. Help reduce stress through self-care and relaxing activities. Start by implementing a night time wind down routine. Be consistent. You can also explore journaling, meditation, sound baths (Healing Vibrations on Youtube is my favorite), Qi gong, breathing exercises, taking an Epson salt bath, affirmations (highly recommend anything by Louise Hay)

The best method is the one that you love…be open to exploring and changing it up, but always be consistent in prioritizing set time for rest and rejuvenation. 

Dr. Nicole Shusterman, ND at Asteri Healing Arts can help counsel you on ways to refine your routines and help you get motivated in making these powerful changes.

Working on the nervous system with craniosacral therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage, and mind-body therapy can be adjunctive treatments as well.