If you are looking for a natural doctor near you because your headache starts suddenly, read this article and book an appointment in Asteri Healing Arts. We know how to treat occipital neuralgia naturally. 

What does the diagnosis “occipital neuralgia” mean? 

Generally neuralgia means the injury in a nerve pathway. It can be caused by various diseases and disorders. So, if your occipital nerves, which are located in the area of the spine in the upper neck, are irritated or injured, you have occipital neuralgia. This disease is accompanied by a nonspecific headache, that is why it is so difficult to diagnose.

What can cause the damage of the occipital nerve? 

The cause of neuralgia can be both injuries and systemic diseases. Here is the list of common root causes:

Fortunately, naturopathic specialist does not treat the symptoms, but looks for the cause of the disease. Of course severe and sharp pain may be stopped by analgesics or anti-inflammatory painkillers. Naturopathic treatment works effectively apart from drugs and anaesthetic injections.

So how does a naturopath treat occipital neuralgia?

The variety of nutritional supplements has a positive effect on occipital neuralgia.

For example, B vitamins are responsible for the functioning of the whole nervous system. That is why it is so important to take vitamins complex.

Some spices have an anti-inflammatory effect, so you may add turmeric (curcumin) in your daily diet.

Magnesium baths or magnesium food supplement are useful for muscle cramps prevention. You also may eat foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids to minimise nerve-related pain. Lecithin is also needed for general nerve function.

Useful tips to reduce pain caused by pinched occipital nerves

Natural support for occipital neuralgia works well only  if you find the right specialist. You may contact Asteri Healing Arts or book online an appointment with the best licensed naturopathic doctor in Dallas right now.