Holistic Pediatric care in Dallas

“Prevention is the best cure”

A distinctive feature of the Asteri Healing Arts is an individual treatment plan for each child.

An important tenant of naturopathic medicine is to start with illness prevention first and treatment second.

Children are great responders to homeopathic medicines and most illnesses and diseases can be prevented by all vital processes regulation, especially in early childhood. A key is to support the child’s immune system rather than suppression which can potentiate future disease.

A holistic pediatrician near you can explain how to choose high quality products and dietary recommendation to best deliver nutrients for optimal cellular functioning. Strategizing routines, supporting a healthy sleep cycle, and proper digestive function is essential in supporting healing.

Homeopathic pediatrician near you

Naturopathic medicine including utilizing homeopathic remedies, as a holistic integrated approach, is aimed to cope with and support chronic and acute illnesses using natural and gentle medicines.

All treatment approaches, which are used, are safe, up to date and  adopted for children. Natural pediatrician near you in Asteri Healing Arts tries not only to eliminate symptoms, but to find the cause of any diagnosis. We will also monitor mental and emotional wellness of the child by exploring the child’s habits and lifestyle.

A holistic approach to treatment does not rule out conventional medicine, that means it amplifies the most beneficial aspects of all standard practices. An integrative model can be critical in conditions that are resistant to conventional treatment or in situations that need higher level interventions. Although naturopathic care in Texas cannot replace your child’s primary care physician or pediatrician, utilizing natural approaches can immensely help common conditions.

You are welcome to schedule a visit with a Dr. Nicole Shusterman, ND at Asteri Healing Arts to protect the child’s overall health. She has supported children of all ages with eczema, digestive issues, anxiety, ADHD, asthma, and neurological difficulties. Moreover, the recommendations of a holistic pediatric practitioner can be beneficial for the whole family.