A naturopathic doctor may not diagnose skin issues, however we can work to optimize the liver, gut, and skin elimination pathways that are often compromised and improve skin health.

Holistic Dermatologist in Dallas

Although conventional dermatology can be incredibly useful for severe presentations, diagnostics, and surgical presentations, a holistic dermatologist views skin health as a signal from the body of a deeper root cause. Rather than harsh chemicals and antibiotics to fight the ailment, a naturopathic doctor’s job is to stimulate the vital healing force and help the body fight the disease on its own, to set up metabolic processes, and restore the normal rhythm and function of our body.

In the visit, a natural dermatologist will talk with you about your comprehensive health history and make connections on what the contributing factors to be addressed. The plans are a collaborative effort by client and doctor to curate an individualized approach for the best results. A holistic dermatology plan may include a customized herbal formula, corresponding homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations. The most common skin conditions are considered to be the following:

● Psoriasis;

● Eczema;

● Atopic and allergic dermatitis;

● Acne

● Hair loss/hair growth

● Skin aging

● Rashes

● Herpes

All these diseases are connected with the incorrect course of natural processes in the body. These include the sluggishness of the digestive tract, excessive consumption of fatty, fried, and sweet foods, and alcohol. Lack of fresh air and frequent stress can also lead to unpleasant symptoms. A homeopathic dermatologist monitors not only negative trends and external factors but also focuses on the patient’s psychological state. You can take advantage of the services provided by a holistic dermatologist near you to address your health concerns.

Holistic treatment for acne

Also, our homeopathy skin doctor near you can help you manage the manifestations of acne and acne condition that causes a lot of discomforts, both physically and psychologically. The

treatment of acne is gradual, by clearing the body of endotoxins naturally: through the kidneys, liver, and intestines and repairing any damaged pathways. A naturopathic/holistic doctor recommends natural remedies to reduce itching, redness, and inflammation on the skin. Nutritional supplementation and dietary changes are used to correct for nutrient deficiencies that are necessary for skin health such as zinc and essential fatty acids. The ultimate goal is the normalization of the organs and organ systems to maintain lasting results, as well as getting rid of the consequences of acne: scars and spots. Establishing healthy diet, exercise, and stress management routines are essential for success!