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Natural anti-inflammatory remedies

Inflammation is a body’s response to  different pathogens. Apart from the  disease therapy you can try natural anti-inflammatory remedies to reduce inflammatory manifestations in the body.

Viral infection is the cause of inflammatory processes in our body on the level of tissues and organs.  Depending on the diagnosis, the symptoms are different: pain, swelling, fever, fatigue and so on.  Some herbs will help you to reduce inflammation, for example, origanum, eucalyptus and melissa.

  • Origanum contains essential oil, flavonoids, vitamin C, potassium and calcium. This composition activates white blood cells for the protection of the body from viruses, bacteria and parasites. Moreover this herb improves immune system function and has some analgesic effect.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is an assistant in anti-virus treatment. It helps to prevent the replication and spread of viruses. It is used as an antipyretic for fever.
  • Melissa is used as a sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory remedy.

Herbal remedies are used in complex therapy to treat pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, gynecological concerns and other diseases. After the consultation with your treating doctor, you may:

  • Apply herbal supplements or drinks,
  • Rub oil mix into your skin,
  • Add oils to the bath or diffuser.

Lots of herbs and spices (ginger, cinnamon, chili pepper) are helpful in case of irritation, infections and injuries accompanied by inflammation. Natural medications help fight pain and reduce swelling. Your holistic therapist will propose to you the personalized treatment plan with appropriate dosage of each remedy. Most of them work as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or painkillers. For example, white willow bark’s effect is close to aspirin, while frankincense (Boswellia serrata) is usefull in joint disorders, especially arthritis treatment, as well as popular NSAIDs. Cat’s claw in right dosage also can reduce inflammatory responses. In some cases omega-3 fatty acids, curcumin and zinc work effectively against inflammation.

Nevertheless, anti-inflammatory remedies do not work for everyone. Only the complex approach with the special anti-inflammatory diet (avoid added sugar, alcohol, meat, junk food and do not smoke) and natural remedies (herbs, spices, supplements) may lead to recovery. Consult with a doctor before taking any supplements or herbal extracts. Find the right natural holistic doctors near you to treat inflammation naturally.