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How to treat digestive parasites naturally

If you are experiencing diarrhea or abdominal pain from time to time, as well as you have a lack of appetite and lose your weight, intestinal parasites may be the cause. Microscopic organisms can be found in your stool. You do not need to buy all drugs or herbal mixes against parasites, it is enough to be examined by a naturopath in Asteri Healing Arts. If tests show blastocystis hominis “positive”, our specialist proposes a natural treatment plan. Here you should always remember that parasites can be pathogenic and cause diseases, but some can be an integral part of your microbiome. 

Say good-bye to the parasites

One of the basic principles of holistic healing is that the natural medicine doctor helps your organism to kill the parasites without disrupting normal intestinal flora. This will require the right combination of herbal and nutritional medicine. Moreover, with natural remedies your immunity is improved. 

There are effective recipes in holistic medicine that will help the parasites to be eradicated. All digestive parasites prefer dairy and sweets, that is why during the therapy it is important to avoid such products, as well as junk food and sour-milk products.

Avoid rounds of antibiotics and gut detoxification protocols. Such methods has negative impact on your gut microbiome. 

Asteri Healing Arts provides you with the different approach to treating Blastocystis Hominis.

What can be used 

Treatment plan may include:

  • Herbal antimicrobial mixes, especially with essential oils;
  • tea, pills, tinctures and other forms of agent against parasites;
  • Probiotics;
  • Additional fiber, because it is critical to remove after-parasite toxins;
  • Digestive enzymes;
  • All non-pharmaceutical measures;
  • Supplements to support the body during the treatment process. 


Due to the fact that every patient and every gut infection is individual, we obligatorily adopt the treatment plan for every patient. 

Another reason for feelings unwell

Some people can make a mistake while focusing on blastocystis as the cause of all diseases. Lots of chronic digestion problems have similar symptoms, can provoke discomfort, nausea, flatus and diarrhea. In some cases more aggressive parasites are the cause of the disease, because parasite infections are widespread. Naturopathic specialist helps to pinpoint root causes and to treat the malady naturally. While working with an experienced practitioner, you undergo effective and safe anti-parasitic treatment. At the same time the doctor will tell you how not to get re-infected.