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How to cope with the abnormal immune response of your own body?

Do you know how inflammation contributes to disease? Most chronic diseases are accompanied by inflammation. But instead of dealing with the cause of disease, we just suppress the inflammation. Pharmaceutical companies are actively promoting analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications and other immunosuppressive means. We would like to tell you how naturopathic medicine can change this approach, especially in case of autoimmune diseases. 

The statistics on autoimmune diseases are appalling. Now rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and so on are ubiquitous. How to cope with this self-destruct mode? Natural doctor calls to treat the cause of the fire, not the smoke. 

Ask yourself why you feel bad and dig for what makes you sick

The main idea of natural treatments for autoimmune diseases is not to suppress the inflammation with medication, but to find and treat the cause of the disease. Abnormal immune response is your body’s cry for help. You should know that your  organism starts to attack your body during the fight against invaders. As a result, arthritis appears if damage affects joints. Unfortunately, drug treatment has serious side effects.

What does a natural healing doctor do to get to the root of your disease?

  • Move step by step: exclude hidden infections, allergies, heavy metal toxins and so on;
  • Treat the underlying cause;
  • Recommend anti-inflammatory diet;
  • Check deficits and add to the patient’s menu supplements (especially vit D and zinc).

What can you do to cope with inflammation during any autoimmune disease? 

Here is the list of means: 

  1. Find a liable specialist (book an appointment in Asteri Healing Arts)
  2. Discuss with your natural healing doctor all related symptoms, such as fatigue, apathy, lack of appetite, etc. 
  3. Take nutrients if your diet is far from well-balanced. Exclude food allergens.
  4. Train your mind and body, using yoga and meditations.
  5. Listen to your body and notice all changes. 

Natural healing approaches fit for the treatment of any disease, especially if traditional medicine has reached a dead end. We urge not to give up drug therapy, but to stop hiding symptoms with anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids and antibiotics. It is necessary to help your body defeat prediabetes, lupus, sclerosis and other diseases with gentle methods of natural treatment of the causes of diseases. Together with naturopath you address the root causes of inflammation and treat yourself even if you have “horrible” autoimmune disease.