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How to cope with pancreatitis naturally

Every fourth person is hospitalized with acute pancreatitis. Both acute and chronic forms may be accompanied by vomiting, sharp pain and flatulence. Due to the inflammation of the pancreas, your body  loses the ability to absorb the needed nutritional elements. We are happy to prove that the natural treatments for pancreatitis work effectively. 

What causes pancreatitis? 

Here is the list of common causes of pancreatitis:

  • Gallstones, cysts and neoplasms;
  • Injuries or surgeries to the abdomen;
  • Infections (for example, Epstein-Barr virus or hepatitis);
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Drugs’ side effects, especially nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and antibiotics. 

What naturopathy practitioner can recommend? 

Naturopathic doctor sees the root of the disease, so treatment begins with changes in the patient’s lifestyle. The specialist gives you strict instructions:

  1. how to eat, what to add/avoid in your diet;
  2. what type of exercises do you need the most;
  3. what to take additionally (vitamins, dietary supplements);
  4. How to control weight. 

Natural remedies to relieve pancreatitis

It is necessary to eat small portions regularly to treat pancreatitis and to prevent new attacks. Choose low-fat meals, because fat provokes your pancreas to produce more digestive enzymes. Moreover, a high-fat diet increases the risk of gallstones and chronic pancreatitis. It is better to plan four or even six meals per day. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and other attacks provocateurs. 

Water balance also matters. Specialists recommend drinking 30 ml per kilogram of your weight. 

Obesity is also a provocateur of pancreatitis. So you should exercise more regularly and limit meal portion size. Probably, it is better to consult with a nutritionist and fitness trainer. A competent naturopath, for example Asteri Healing Arts specialist, will help with that too. Remember that only an integrated approach works.

Naturopathic doctors recommend taking supplements which may ease symptoms. 

  • antioxidants to reduce pain;
  • amino acids to boost immune system (glutamine);
  • fatty acids to reduce inflammation (omega-3). 

Please remember that sharp abdomen pain or unstoppable vomiting require immediate medical attention. In other cases you are welcome to treat pancreatitis naturally. First, determine with naturopath the cause of your disease. Then, with an integrated approach, treat the root. Change your entire lifestyle to minimize the risk of acute pancreatitis. Take care of nutrition and digestion. Keep your body and spirit healthy.