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How to cope with diabetic neuropathy naturally

Today everyone has heard about diabetes and the consequences of high blood sugar levels.  But this disease has different side effects, for example, diabetic neuropathy. In some sources you can also find that it is called peripheral neuropathy. This condition is caused by nerve damage due to diabetes. The symptoms are different: from slight numbness of the limbs to sharp unbearable pain.  The traditional medicine is aimed to stop progression of the disease, but not to find the root of the problem. Let’s see how natural treatments for diabetic neuropathy work. 

How to prevent damage to the nerves

Diabetes does not always lead to neuropathy, however, it is important for patients to control blood glucose levels. It is better to discuss with your naturopath how often you need blood glucose testing.

Proper nutrition plays an important role. Diabetics should keep a certain diet, control the balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates and consume a limited amount of sugar. Add high-fiber foods in your diet to fill your body with what you need. Natural doctors recommend determining which nutrients and dietary supplements to take. 

Please do not exclude classic diabetes medicine or insulin therapy if you really need it. 

Another natural way to help yourself with diabetic neuropathy is physical activity. Regular exercising also helps to control sugar levels and protect your nerves. 

Naturopathic specialist of Asteri Healing Arts recommends you to:

  1. Use natural stress relievers and painkillers: Cinnamon oil or evening primrose oil, Omega-3 fish oil, vitamins D and B12, Peppermint or lavender essential oils. 
  2. Take a warm bath regularly, try meditations and breathing practices. You need to minimize stress level to cope with neuropathy. 
  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol, because both overstimulate your nerves.
  4. Take antioxidants, for example alpha-lipoic acid. This remedy improves nerve blood flow.
  5. Try acupuncture for diabetic neuropathy, because it helps to reduce pain. As well as specific relaxation techniques or herbal-based therapies. Moreover, even light therapy can have a visible effect in the nerve regeneration process.
  6. Boost your immune system to cope with inflammation. Don’t damp down symptoms with anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids, use natural treatments. 


Alternative treatments for diabetes nerve pain works only if the approach is comprehensive. To avoid serious diabetic neuropathy complications you should change the whole lifestyle.