Today, a holistic doctor in Dallas will talk about the treatment of blastocystis hominis natural.

Let’s start with the fact that blastocystis hominis is a single cell protozoa amoeba that can cause all sorts of issues. Apart from the usual gut symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and IBS, it can cause nausea, abdominal cramps, skin problems, aches and pains, fatigue, and thyroid issues.

So what is the treatment?

You need to start treatment from the inside, which means from your diet. In this case, the diet is the first step to recovery. These parasites, like many others, feed on sugar, starches and cereals. Even if you take the necessary medications, but at the same time consumes a large amount of sugar or cereals, the parasites will not disappear anywhere. Conclusion – no sugar, starches and cereals!

The naturopathic doctor also advises to exclude such products: yeast, dairy products, eggs, soy, beans and semi-finished products. These can all be contributors to gut inflammation and a leaky gut; therefore, avoiding them will starve the yeast and parasites you are working to kill. And of course, do not forget that you need to eat more protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

Also do not forget that the diet does not cancel taking medications prescribed by your doctor (you can contact our holistic doctor in Dallas for this).

Diet is not everything?

In the treatment of blastocystis hominis natural, not only diet is important, of course. Food additives are also important, for example, such as:

It’s important that as the yeast and parasites are dying off to clear them out of your system. The idea is as the parasite clears up, the skin clears up as well.

You need help!

Despite all the advice of our naturopathic doctor, there is no need to self-medicate. Take tests, consult with a specialist, discuss everything and choose a treatment plan. That’s exactly what a holistic doctor in Dallas can help you with.